Weighing Scales used by the Baker Family


Weighing Scales used by the Baker Family

John Baker was a tinsmith and trader. He lived and worked in the house opposite the coop which many Lavington residents will remember as an ironmonger/hardware shop until the 1990s. But John Baker’s time was 100 years before then.

John Baker was born in 1843 and lived in Market Lavington for sixty years. He died in 1903. He was probably born to be a tinsmith for his father already ran the business.

We have much information about the Baker family in the museum for we celebrated the family in a 2009 display. This led to family members giving us further items including this pair of scales which was used in the nineteenth century by the Bakers in their Market Lavington home. Whether this was for cooking or for weighing out solder we do not know.


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  1. In the New Cabinet – The Baker Shelf « Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] One of the items has already been featured on this blog but it has not been on display before because it is a new gift and that’s the pair of scales that the family used. […]

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