Market Lavington Museum Books

Two books concerning Lavington men who emigrated

We have many books in the museum with a Market Lavington connection – some old and some new but these two are just a bit different for they describe other places in the world.

The Draper Dispatches is the letters sent back home by two Lavington lads who emigrated to the new world – The USA – in the nineteenth century. It is a fascinating read. We learn of the trials and tribulations of these two men as they struggle to find work and places to live. One of the Draper boys was very keen on plants and animals and he spent time on collecting trips, sending back live specimens to the folks back home in Market Lavington and Easterton. This book is available to see and enjoy in the museum and we also have copies for sale.

Black Range to Lavington is a very recent publication about an area of Albury in New South Wales. This area was originally called Black Range but this was a common name in the area and in 1909 a new name was sought and Lavington was chosen. Why? The comment below gives an explanation.

One possibility is that it was named after a property owned by Joseph Box in the 1850’s and 1860’s. Joseph Box had a property west of Urana Road and he named his property Lavington after the place he came from in England. There was a place called Market Lavington in Wiltshire and his family came from there.

You can read more about Lavington, New South Wales here.

We have developed a link with Lavington New South Wales and consider it to be an honorary part of our parish.

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