Peggy Gye Memorial Service

Yesterday (Thursday 18th February 2010) a memorial service for Peggy Gye was held. This was not a museum event but Peggy, for twenty-five years, was the museum. She founded it, fought for it and curated it for most of the first quarter centuryof its life.

The service took place in St Mary’s Church, Market Lavington, which had been Peggy’s spiritual home for all of her 88 years. The church was well filled for this occasion as family and friends from near and far came to pay homage to Peggy.

The eulogy was given by the Reverend Pip Martin. His mother was a friend of Peggy’s from the days when they both attended secondary school in Devizes. Pip was a perfect choice for the occasion for he knew Peggy and the Gye family well. He captured Peggy’s wit and wisdom superbly. It was a moving reminder of Peggy and what she had meant to the village and done for it over her lifetime.

Afterwards, the congregation moved to the Community Hall which Peggy had opened in October 2007 – her last public appearance. Here there was a chance to reminisce about Peggy with old friends – and to meet new people who had their own stories to tell.

The museum was closed for the winter at the time, but it seemed fitting to open it for visitors from afar so that they could see Peggy’s legacy there.

The picture shows Peggy in 2002 on the occasion of one of her plant sales, raising money for the museum.

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