The Hat Shelf at Market Lavington Museum

This is a new, display for 2010. Volunteers at the museum decided a shelf could go above the 18th century settle in the upstairs room. The shelf holds a display of hats, which the museum had in store along with a hatbox.

New hat shelf at Market Lavington Museum

Let’s start with the well-travelled hatbox. Labels suggest it has been from Wellington, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia and then back to the UK with Mrs E W Holloway of Lavington. We think the hatbox dates from the 1930s.

Next to the hatbox is a top hat dating from about 1890, which once belonged to the Gye family.

The blue hat with veil was worn to a Lavington wedding on 26th February 1949. The museum also has the blue outfit that was worn with it.

The odd little cap, believed to be a school cap came to the museum from a Lavington resident and dates from about 1900. It has a monogram – D O E F. Do let us know if you can identify it.

The final hats are two bandsman caps as worn by members of the Market Lavington Silver Band. The left hand of the two caps dates from the 1920s. The cap at the end was the style worn at the time the band was wound up in the 1960s.

Hanging from the shelf with only the handles visible in the photo are a pair of parasols. At the left hand end there is a mid nineteenth century frilly brown parasol which was used by the Gale family who lived on The Spring in Market Lavington. At the right hand end there is a less ornate version, which was used by the Crasweller family.

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