Harvey’s horse embrocation

You never know what will arrive next at Market Lavington Museum. It sometimes seems amazing just what has been kept. At the weekend we were given a bottle of horse embrocation that must be close on 100 years old, still in its original box with original paper work.

Box for Harvey's horse emrocation

A bottle of Harvey's horse embrocation

 This gift came from a member of the Parrott family. Our donor’s father had been born at Candown Farm – one of the farms on Salisbury Plain which became a part of the military ranges and which has now vanished from the landscape. The Parrott family farmed Candown, which is almost in Tilshead, from 1898 until 1911.

If you wish to know more about Harvey’s horse embrocation then click here to see a Harvey’s of Dublin publication from about 1909.

This will be a good time to put a date in your diary – for on Saturday 18th September 2010 we plan a ‘show’ in the Market Lavington Community Hall (actual time has yet to be fixed but it will be the evening) where we hope to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the museum. We’ll be looking at and listening to the hidden treasures of the parish. Nothing is more hidden than Candown Farm and a slot in the show is earmarked to show something of the life and times of the Parrott family at Candown.

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