Candown Farm cropping plan for 1897

The Parrott family took over Candown Farm in the spring of 1898. The farm, on Salisbury Plain and in the far south of the parish was some three miles from the village centre. In 1897, the Parrotts were on a farm in nearby Tilshead. Perhaps they saw an opportunity to rent cheaply, for the future of the farm was already uncertain. It had been a part of the estate owned by the Pleydell Bouverie family and that was in the process of being broken up. In fact, the Parrotts were at Candown until 1911 when the military took the area over for training purposes.

Before the Parrotts could take on a lease, the value of items on the farm had to be assessed and for that a cropping plan was needed. A copy of this plan has recently been given to the museum by a member of the Parrott family.

Candown Farm crop plan for 1897

Looking at the plan we can see fields down to wheat and rye, peas, vetches and sanfoin. One field is labelled ‘for peas’ and others as ‘old seeds’. It gives some insight into farming on Salisbury Plain 130 years ago.

Candown Farm will feature at the Museum Jubilee Show on 18th September in Market Lavington Community Hall.


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