Men’s shelf in the new cabinet

One of the shelves in the new cabinet at Market Lavington Museum has been devoted to what, in former times, might have been regarded as things of male interest.

Shelf with items which may be of male interest at Market Lavington Museum

Items on display – all used in Market Lavington and Easterton, include smokers’ requisites, a cutthroat razor from the start of the 20th century and a Rolls Razor from about 1950. There’s a pair of smart gaiters, worn by a local farmer for trips to market.

We have a variety of corkscrews not to mention pens, pencils and pencil sharpeners. There are leads, too, for propelling pencils. The pens were made for Wiltshire Agricultural Engineering who ran their premises  by the Market Place into the 1980s.

To finish this, I’ll mention the camera – an Ensign Selfix bellows camera which was found in a Northbrook cottage. The camera dates from the 1930s.

But let’s not end without the usual invitation to come and see all the changes made at the museum this year. And, if you have items which you think might be of interest to the museum then please contact the curator


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