The ordinary in Market Lavington

Yesterday in this blog I suggested we should all record the ordinary for future generations. The opportunity for me occurred later in the day so here I present the newest acquisition for Market Lavington Museum.

Now in truth, part of the reason for taking the photo was a bit out of the ordinary, for this was the first of the 2010 season of Ted’s walks. These are something the Parish Council thought of and over the years, these monthly walks have been a way for locals and those from afar to enjoy the company of others and maybe learn more about the ways of the village. This walk was almost at its end (for many that’s The Green Dragon) when the photo was taken. It looks as though the photographer was keen to get there for other walkers – about thirty of them were behind.

Maket Lavington High Street and bus - 21st March 2010

The picture shows a present day bus stopped at the bus stop which is outside the former pub, The Kings Arms, on the High Street. There are neatly parked cars but just at this time the cars attempting to drive through in the opposite direction are held up whilst passengers board the bus. It is a very different scene from the one, 120 years ago when Edwin Potter’s horse bus plied between Market Lavington and Devizes. So here we have a former bus outside a still running pub – The Green Dragon.

Market Lavington High Street and bus - 1890


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