Spring cleaning at Market Lavington Museum

Yesterday – 27th March – a group of museum volunteers gathered at the site to give the building and displays a spring clean in readiness for Silver Jubilee Year opening.

Early arrivals were treated to a group of goldfinches putting on a charming display and then by a green woodpecker strutting its stuff. One could imagine former parish residents, John Legg and Ben Hayward reaching for their notebooks to record the bird life.

But work started. Some worked outside, clearing some moss and the winter  leaves and yew berries which had collected in the courtyard.

Others set to with cloths and cleaner to remove stains from windows and the glass cabinets inside the museum.

Others busied themselves with dusters and vacuum cleaners, reaching the darkest recesses to remove what nature seems to get there.

Work, yes, but also fun and a chance to chat with old friends. And of course, there was time for a tea break with home made cakes and biscuits – and the opportunity was taken for a photo call for those who were there at the time.

Market Lavington Museum - spring cleaners

The museum certainly looks more ready for the coming season, which begins on Saturday 1st May at 2.30 pm and continues until the end of October on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Bank Holiday afternoons.

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