Alfred Potter

Sadly, Alfred Potter was killed in the First World War. His grieving widow received this medal which is now in Market Lavington Museum.

Alfred Potter's First World War memorial Medal at Market Lavington Museum

The medals are all too common for so many people lost their lives in Flanders, on the Somme and elsewhere. Many families will have just such a medal commemorating a lost relative.

So who was Alfred Potter? The Commonwealth War Graves site is a good starting point when trying to find information about people killed in the war. In this case we find that A Potter, a Private in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, died on 15th February 1917 and he is buried in the Eclusier Communal Cemetery, Eclusier-Vaux, on the Somme. He was the husband of Mrs K Potter of White Street in Market Lavington.

Alfred was the son of Edwin and Ann Potter and was born around 1879. Edwin, his father, ran a horse bus service between Market Lavington and Devizes. You can see the Potter’s Bus on this web page. This was a family photo and Alfred will be one of the lads on top of the bus.

Edwin, no doubt, had a comfortable enough childhood. In 1901 he was a servant in Cheshire but in 1911 he was back with his parents in Market Lavington.

He married Kate Burgess towards the end of 1915. It was to be a short marriage. His widow stayed in the area and was buried at St Mary’s, Market Lavington in 1951.


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