Babes in the Wood

Perhaps, in times past, children staging plays was more common than it is now. In the 21st century the Lavington area has the Lavington Amateur Dramatic Society (LADS) and they do keep something of the old traditions alive.

At Market lavington Museum, we have a photo of the cast of a 1922 production of ‘Babes in the Wood’ No doubt the photo was taken by the Burgesses of High Street, Market Lavington who produced it with a post card back. Perhaps doting parents enjoyed sending it to relatives who lived elsewhere.

Cast of 'Babes in the Wood', Market Lavington, 1922

This particular photo is well captioned with a label on the back.

So performers were:-

Back row: Edna Mills, Flo Burbidge, Lily Drury, Ernie Razey, May Bullock and Lily Buckland

2nd Row: Joan Milsom, Ellie Gye, Ruth Mundy, Florrie Rose (sitting), Ena Gye (reader), Eric James, Margaret Drury and Edie Perry. Is it Father Christmas that we don’t know?

Babes: Violet Potter and Bessie Gye

If you knew any of the people in the photo, we’d love to hear from you.


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