The Hooper Family and Miss Chinnock’s School

In 1916, Mr Hooper received this bill for the education of two children at The School, Market Lavington, an establishment run by Miss Chinnock.

Invoice sent to the Hooper family for educating children at 'The School', Market Lavington

Jeannette Chinnock would seem to have been the main driving force, setting up the school on High Street, Market Lavington sometime around the end of the 19th century. On the 1901 census, Jeannette was a school teacher, aged thirty nine and she had her younger sister, Eva, with her.

In 1911 Jeannette was still working on High Street in Market Lavington and she had her elderly mother with her. Eva, and another sister, Kate, lived elsewhere in Lavington.

Here we see pupils at Miss Chinnock’s School. One imagines it is Jeannette on the right. Margaret Hooper is the only named child in the photo and she is second from right.

Children at Miss Chinnock's School, Market Lavington about 1913

The back of the card carries Miss Chinnock's signature

The back of the card carries Jeannette’s signature.

The Hooper family, who received the bill, consisted of Henry William Hooper who was born in Imber in about 1870 and his wife, Sarah Butler who came from Rowde. Daughter, Margaret was born in 1905 and was followed by Henry Norris in 1909. The Norris family lived in West Lavington in 1911 where father, William Henry Norris was a farmer.

If you recognise any of the children in the photo, or can supply us with further information about the Miss Chinnocks’ school then do contact us.

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