The Milsom Family of Market Lavington

Yesterday, people found this website whilst searching for information on the Milsom family. Today’s entry is a direct response to those searches. If any searchers would like to contact the curator, he could, no doubt, give more information.

Reginald Milsom ran a motor engineering works and garage in Market Lavington, on Church Street.

This photo, which we have at Market Lavington Museum, shows his premises. These lasted long after the business ended. They were pulled down about four years ago but the name remains for the new housing in the area is called Milsom’s Court.

Reginald Milsom's premises on Church Street, Market Lavington

Reginald was not a Market Lavington man by birth. In fact we know very little about him. He was born in about 1892 but we do not know where and we do not know when he moved to Market Lavington and set up his business. One of the odd relics we have in the museum is a piece of church bell bearing which Mr Milsom used on his drill bench. The bearings were replaced in the early 1930s so we know Reg was in place by then.

Reg’s daughter, Marjory, writes

There were no fire engines in villages when I was a girl in Wiltshire in the 1930s. When I was about 10 years old, my father Reginald Milsom built the first fire engine for Market Lavington. Father was a motor engineer and owned the garage and taxi company in Church Street opposite the village church. In 1935, at the age of 14 years old, I left school and joined him in the business, collecting my overalls from Robert Kemp in The Brittox in Devizes. I stayed with him for 16 years, working with the men and learning the trade. We collected and delivered cars for repair in a 10 mile area as at that time there were few garages, or cars, around.

Marjory goes on to explain how here father built a fire engine for the parish but that might form another blog article in the future.

Marjory, as she said, worked with her father in the business. She must have been well ahead of her time as far as Womens’ lib was concerned.

Reginald Milsom with daughter Marjory - motor engineers of Market Lavington

Reg and his wife Gladys, are both buried in the churchyard at Market Lavington. Reg died in 1962. Gladys lived until 1977.


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3 Responses to “The Milsom Family of Market Lavington”

  1. A bill and receipt from Mr Milsom « Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] Amongst them is this one, issued by R Milsom, Motor Engineers. Mr Reginald Milsom has already featured in these pages. 1950 bill from R. Milsom of Market […]

  2. Chris Golden Says:

    It was good to find your web page and read about Reginald Milsom, he was my step grandad and Gladys was my grandmother, seeing the photos and story bought back many happy memories for me. I do return to Lavington twice a year to visit church yard so will try and visit musuem.

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