An Over-Seas League Certificate

Amongst the Second World War memorabilia we have at Market Lavington Museum is this certificate, awarded to Gwenda Cooper in 1940.

Over-Seas League Certificate awarded to Gwenda Cooper of Market Lavington in 1940

Five-year-old Gwenda must have been very proud to receive such a certificate and so, too, would her parents, Leslie and Gertrude have been.

The Over-Seas League was founded in 1910 by Sir Evelyn Wrench. It was given the extra accolade of ‘Royal’ to celebrate its Golden Jubilee in 1960. It was set up to promote social and cultural understanding across the British Empire, which is now the Commonwealth.

At Market Lavington Museum we know that Gwenda and her parents were much involved in the wider war effort. Gwenda was awarded certificates for the collection of salvage materials later in the war. We do not know what she did to earn this Over-Seas League certificate.

Gwenda married in the 1950s. Gwenda, if you read this, it would be lovely to hear from you. You could tell us more about your childhood memories of the war in Market Lavington.

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