Drove Lane Cemetery Chapel

The Drove Lane Cemetery Chapel was built in 1868 by the Independent, Congregational Church of Market Lavington.

The cemetery and the chapel came, eventually under the jurisdiction of Easterton Parish Council even though it stood full square in Market Lavington.

A picture, taken on a cold and frosty morning in 2006 shows the chapel in its cemetery setting.

Drove Lane Cemetery and chapel, Market Lavington, - 2006

Soon after this photo was taken, it was noticed that the end walls were bulging a little and some tile slippage occurred. Barricades were put up to prevent access to the building whilst decisions were made as to its future. Eventually, in 2009 it was decided that the chapel, only used to store a few items of Parish Council possessions, would be demolished. By the end of April 2010, the chapel was no more.

But perhaps it will get a new lease of life somewhere. The demolition company decided to take the building down with care and have now offered the chapel on ebay as a building kit, for re-erection elsewhere. They point out that the chapel is ideally sized to make a good garage.

The sale of the chapel has attracted publicity. A London commuter sent this extract from the free paper, The Metro, for 13th May 2010.

Page from 'The Metro' for May 13th 2010, telling of the sale of the Drove Lane Chapel as a building kit

Let’s take a closer look at the text of this article.

Text from article about the sale of the former Market Lavington and Easterton chapel

This page, from yesterday’s paper, becomes the latest artefact to be stored for the future at Market Lavington Museum.


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  1. Remembering the Cemetery Chapel | Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] In 2010 the chapel at the Drove Lane Cemetery was deemed to be in an unsafe state and was demolished. We did feature the chapel at the time on this blog and you can click here to see that. […]

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