A Merritt Award

An award for J H Merritt of Market Lavington

The Raleigh Cycle Company of Nottingham were keen to celebrate their Golden Jubilee in 1937, just as Market Lavington Museum are keen to celebrate their Silver Jubilee year in 2010.

John Merritt (he’s appeared a couple of times already in these pages) ran ‘The Cycle Store’ on Church Street in Market Lavington. As part of the Raleigh Jubilee celebrations, John was awarded this plaque for more than twenty years association with the Nottingham company.

Plaque awarded to J H Merritt of Market Lavington by the Raleigh Cycle Company

This is one of the many items we have on display in the museum for our Silver Jubilee year. Amongst recent displays, we have a brand new cabinet. This has enabled us to show items which have previously been boxed up in our store room. We have also dressed more mannequins so that a larger collection of our clothing can be on display. Homestead Farm and the people who lived there are shown, mostly in photographs and we have a time line about the museum building itself.

We have been very fortunate in the new artefacts which have been donated to the museum. Some of these have allowed archaeology displays to be enhanced with new finds from the parish.

As well as that we will be celebrating on Saturday September 18th with an evening event in the Community Hall – a chance to see, hear and taste more of our hidden treasures. Do put that date in your diary.

As a reminder, the museum is open on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Bank Holiday afternoons from 2.30 to 4.30  in the afternoon. Visits can be arranged at other times by contacting the curator.


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2 Responses to “A Merritt Award”

  1. Wendy (Gauntlett) Bendig Says:

    Being a great granddaughter of William Bowle Gauntlett who for some time lived in the Hollies in Market Lavington and then moved to Collingbourne Kingston and who had a lot of his 13 children in the Hollies, three of whom carried on living there throughout the war, I am always interested when I see the name of Market Lavington. Having traced my family tree back to Robert Gauntlett born 1483 I keep meaning to make a visit, so I am really going to try this year as it is your Silver Jubilee. For a long time we had a George Gauntlett supposedly being the innkeeper of a public house in Devizes, until it turned out through more research that it was a Henry instead, thus making it possible to carry the tree even further back to Robert above.
    I visited the Hollies with my father many times to see his old aunts and uncle, but would also like to visit the churchyard which is probably littered with Gauntletts!
    Good luck with your Jubilee Year and I hope it is being well publicised and supported. Are you collecting as I would be happy to make a contribution for anything specific that is needed. Please let me know.

  2. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    Thankyou for the above comment. We have two new display cabinets arriving on Monday 16th August – any contribution to help defray the cost would be gratefully received.

    We’d also love to know more about the Gauntlett family – there certainly are graves in the churchyard. As yet we haven’t sorted out how they fit together as a family so we’d love to hear again – try curator@marketlavingtonmuseum.org.uk

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