A multiview Postcard

Market Lavington’s very own professional photographer, Mr Burgess, was quick to realise the potential of postcards. He worked in Market Lavington from the 1880s and was well placed to benefit from the Edwardian boom in sending cards.  Many of his cards were single views, but he also produced multiview cards, all based around his photographs. This one is held by Market Lavington Museum.

A multiview card held by Market Lavington Museum

The card – a Souvenir of Market Lavington features five photos of the village with added artwork. It was posted in 1909.

The message on the multiview card

Irvine, who sent the card, was a member of the King’s Colonial Regiment who were ‘enjoying’ a summer camp at Pond Farm. The card was sent to Miss Briggs in Halifax. This may have been Irvine’s sister since Irvine Briggs – two of them, hailed from Halifax.

The postmark is of interest on this card as it is of Pond Farm Camp.

Pond Farm Camp post mark on a multiview card at Market Lavington Museum

Pond Farm was in the parish of Easterton and within a few years of this card being sent, the farm was closed and the area became a full time part of the army training area.


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    […] which was, by then, in Easterton parish.  Pond Farm Camp was substantial enough to have its own postmark for letters. Again, Market Lavington Museum has many photos of the camp at Pond Farm. Pond Farm Camp, Easterton […]

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