Tom Haines again

This blog had an item about Tom Haines, the last town crier of Market Lavington on May 31st but one item can bring new things to life.

A former resident of Market Lavington told me that Mrs Haines ran a hairdressing business in the Market Place. Yesterday, this photo arrived from the same former resident.

A Corner of the Market Place in Market Lavington. Have you any idea who the people are?

This shows a corner of The Market Place – the date is uncertain and, of course, we’d love to know who the people were but the notices and signs are of interest. On the right the words on windows are where the chemist shop is now. Of course, that is in a different building which this blog showed being built in 1989/90.

Let’s do our best to enlarge the black and white notice boards at the left end of the photo.

Close up on the signs in the above photo of Market Lavington Market Place

The white notice is certainly something about a ‘COUNTIES STEAM LAUNDRY’. Was the establishment there or was it an advert for a laundry somewhere else. If it was there, then perhaps folks with long memories would recall it. I recall (elsewhere) a delicious smell as the wet sheets went between the hot rollers of a mangle at a steam laundry.

The black notice, which says T K Haines is precisely where our contact said Mrs Haines had her hairdressing business. And by one of those quirks of fate, the business in the 1990 built premises, at the very same spot, is a hairdressers shop.

Sadly, we can’t read all of the smaller writing, but we think Mr Haines was offering bed and breakfast.

At the moment the Market Lavington Museum curator is trying to compile brief stories of the various shops – who was in them at what time. Some of this information will be shared with walkers on the ‘Potter in the Past’ history walk on July 11th. Meet at the museum at 10.30 in the morning and enjoy sausage and chips at The Green Dragon at the end.

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2 Responses to “Tom Haines again”

  1. John Burgess Says:

    Just about where the sign For Mrs Haines hair dressers shop is where Harry Perrit barber shop was

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