A Potter in the Past

Yesterday, Rog, our curator, assisted by Sue, our archivist, led a very successful history walk in the village. Some 36 visitors came on the walk, which started at the museum where the walkers lined up for a photo.

July 11th 2010 at Market Lavington Museum

One of the aims of this photo was to do a ‘then and now’ comparison with the building of 100 years ago. We’ve included this 1910 photo before in this blog but make no excuse for putting it alongside the 2010 version.

Market Lavington Museum building in 2010 when it was the home of the Burbidge family. Flo and Dorrie Burbidge are the two girls by the door.

The similarities are striking. The building looks little altered and the same fence at the front has the same gate, which seems to open to the same angle. There are actually many differences in the building but the surroundings and the people have changed more.

From the museum, we toured some of the graves in the churchyard, learning a little of those people who might have been considered Lavington’s movers and shakers in their day – with an emphasis on those deemed important at the museum.

From the churchyard, the walk moved into the village, starting by remembering the Grove Farm house, which used to occupy a site close to where the new Community Hall now stands.

The length of the village was walked, mostly on back routes, through to Fiddington where the group heard tales from the old asylum which stood where the 1970s built houses of Fiddington Clay can now be found.

The return was along the main road – The High Street – where many of the traders who did a huge amount for the village had their premises.

At the old Quaker (later Independent) chapel, there was a surprise in store when Ted, on the walk, presented the museum with some old coins which had been used to mark the soft bricks of the building whilst waiting for school or Sunday School.

1824 penny given to the museum on the 'Potter in the Past' history walk of July 11th 2010

That’s an 1824, George IV penny – a strange choice for wall marking. Maybe it was its large size which appealed.

Having reached the crossroads, the group returned to The Green Dragon for a welcome meal and much needed liquid refreshment. We all send thanks to Steve and Nicky for providing delicious sausage and chips for us.

The next major museum event, celebrating our Silver Jubilee Year is on Saturday September 18th when we’ll be holding our Museum Miscellany in the Community Hall. More details of that event will follow but do make sure you mark the date in your diary – 7.30 pm on Saturday 18th September at The Community Hall for a chance to see, hear, smell and taste the history of our wonderful parish.

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