Alfred Mullings and Family

The Mullings family lived in Market Lavington and Easterton for at least four generations. They earned their living making baskets which, in those pre plastic-bag days, were such an essential part of life. Here we concentrate on William Alfred Mullings whose father and great uncle had worked in the parish before him and whose son continued the basket making business into the 1950s.

William Alfred (known as Alfred) was born in Devizes in the 1860s but by the 1871 census the family was in Market Lavington. Father (William) was making his baskets on the High Street, more or less opposite the Green Dragon Pub.

In 1881 Alfred was still living with his parents, but at that time he had not gone into the family business. He was a postman/letter carrier.

Alfred married Amelia Giddings in 1884 and by 1891 they held the High Street premises with their baby son. Alfred was now a basket maker.

The family grew and in 1901 they lived (and Alfred worked) at premises on The Clays in Market Lavington.

Four generations of the Mullings/Hussey family - a photograph at Market Lavington Museum

Our photo shows four generations of the family and dates from around 1924. Alf is there with his mother, Mary and his daughter Ada Ellen (known as Ellen) who had married Walter Hussey in 1921. Their son, Ray Hussey, born 1922 is also on the photograph.

You can learn more of the Mullings family at our ‘Museum Miscellany’ at 7.30pm on September 18th 2010 at Market Lavington Community Hall. Tickets, priced at £5, are on sale at Market Lavington Post Office.

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