A Game of Cricket in times past

Until living memory, Market Lavington Recreation Ground was on The Spring, behind what is now Shires Close. Today’s picture shows a large number of village youngsters, mostly boys, with a game of cricket set up and some notable village buildings behind them.

Cricket on 'the rec' - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

At the left of the photo is Grove Farm – close to where the Community Hall now stands.

The old Grove Farm building

And of course, St Mary’s Church stands on its knoll above the village.

St Mary's Church watches over the game of cricket

Sadly, we do not have a date for this image so we’ll just say it is early twentieth century. Neither do we have names for any of the people on the card – not even the one clearly marked with an X.

X marks the lad - but who is he?

The cricket pitch and equipment were not quite up to test match standard.

Stumps, bat and some of the players

In the above section of the photo, the girls are keeping a discreet distance but there are a couple of the lasses who seem to be more involved.

A couple of girls look to have been involved in the game

Here we see the other end of the pitch and more of the village. Chimneys on The Old House can be made out under the spreading cedar tree.

The other end of the pitch with more unknown lads and more of the village behind them

Now that request for help. Can you identify any of the people shown in this entry? If so do let us know by contacting the curator (curator@marketlavingtonmuseum.org.uk) or by leaving a message on the blog.


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