A coin counter?

Market Lavington Museum has been really fortunate to obtain three new cabinets within the last 12 months. It means that this, our Silver Jubilee year, has seen a large number of items leaving storage boxes, where they have been Market Lavington’s hidden treasures, and getting out on display so that the more casual visitor can see them. Of course, all of the many, many treasures which remain in storage boxes can be seen by researchers who ask.

This week a family researcher came in with an interest in the Sainsbury family. It happens that some years ago we were given a Sainsbury family tree of such large proportions that we just cannot put it on display. But our well-informed stewards are able to locate items and our Sainsbury family history researchers went away very happy people.

But back to those new cabinets and one of the smaller items on display. It is some kind of a counter, with a playing card theme to it.

King of Hearts counter at Market Lavington Museum - but what was its purpose?

The reverse of the counter shows the queen of hearts

 This counter is about 25 mm or an inch across and is made of some kind of base metal. We think it dates from the 19th century and clearly shows the King of Hearts on one side and the Queen of Hearts on the other. We do not know what it was used for. Was it a gambling token? Or did it have some other purpose?

Can you help us to give a purpose to this rather attractive little item, which belonged to a former Market Lavington resident?

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One Response to “A coin counter?”

  1. Token/ counter Says:

    I have one of these, i also would like to know what it was used for.
    The one i have is a yellow metal like brass.

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