More Genealogy – The Cooksey Family and Pond Farm, Easterton

A couple of days ago our curator received a message from a descendant of the Cooksey family who had lived at Pond Farm in Easterton, requesting help and further information. Unfortunately, at Market Lavington Museum we had no information about this family so in fact, information flowed from our correspondent to the museum.

There’s nothing like new technology for the fast transfer of images and information – even sounds and movies at times. It means today we can show you an image or two and request the help of the great world public in our search for more information about the Cooksey family.

Members of the Cooksey family of Pond Farm in Easterton - a new photo at Market Lavington Museum

So here we have some members of the Cooksey family Dad, at the back was Arthur Cooksey and his wife was Elizabeth Annie. The two girls shown are Olive Joyce Cooksey (sitting) and Norah Winifred Cooksey. Norah Winifred was the mother of our correspondent and she was born at Pond Farm in Easterton in 1905 so we think the picture dates from about 1910.

1910 was a significant year for Pond Farm, for it marked its demise. The War Office owned land and buildings and it was in 1910 that the area was cleared for use as an artillery range. So the farm, which already had a history of military use ceased to exist and, very soon, it vanished entirely although a clump of trees offering it some protection still stand.

Pond Farm, Easterton, in 1909

This photo of the farm (previously on this blog as a part of an Easterton quiz) was taken in 1909. Perhaps the Cooksey family were still there then.

Pond Farm was already in use for military activity in 1909. Summer camps took place there.

Military camp at Pond Farm in about 1909 - with the London Roughriders

Pond Farm was already to be a part of the ‘Museum Miscellany’ this coming Saturday (18th September) at 7.30pm in the Community Hall at Market Lavington but we, and our correspondent, are always keen to learn more so if you have any information about residents of Pond Farm or the Cooksey family then do get in touch with the curator.


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