A Postcard of St Mary’s Church

We have many images of the parish church in Market Lavington but yet another has just arrived at Market Lavington Museum.

St Mary's Church, Market Lavington in about 1909 - a postcard at Market Lavington Museum

This card is similar, but not identical to others, taken from this viewpoint on the southeast side of the building.

We do not have a date on this card, but the tree growth looks similar to a card with a 1909 date.

The card was posted but it has almost failed to get a postmark at all.

Message side of the St Mary's Church card

But we get clues from the stamp, which shows King George 5th. This style of stamp was introduced in 1912 so the card was posted after then.

The card message indicates that Tom Burrow, who sent it, was a soldier so there seems a fair chance that the photo was taken some years before the card was sent, perhaps during the First World War.

Tom Burrow was born in Grange, Lancashire in about 1894. He had an elder sister, Mary, who must have been the card’s recipient. It’s possible that Mary married in 1914 so the card was probably sent at the very start of the war.

What tales might Tom have of life in a camp in the Lavington area? Maybe a relative might be able to tell us.


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