Dorrie Burbidge Relaxes

What a charming scene we have here. This comes from an album of photos which came from the Burbidge family. Mr Burbidge was a gardener for Miss Pleydell Bouverie who lived at The Old House. The Burbidge family occupied a cottage which was very close by – the cottage which is now Market Lavington Museum. At one time, the cottage’s address was ‘Churchyard’.

Dorrie Burbidge relaxes with cat and gramophone – a photo at Market Lavington Museum

Sadly, the photos are not captioned but we believe this is the elder of the two Burbidge daughters – Dorothy was known as Dorrie. Dorrie has found a comfortable perch in the churchyard and has set up a portable gramophone, which looks to date from the 1920s or 30s. She has even been joined by the cat who looks very relaxed about the situation.

Dorrie was born in 1906 just before the family moved to the Churchyard Cottage. She married in 1934 so perhaps the photo dates from the early 1930s.

We have many items in Market Lavington Museum, which relate to the Burbidge family.  Do visit to see more of how the family lived, happily, without mains water, electricity or drainage.

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