Museum Visitors

This week Market Lavington Museum was pleased to welcome two regular friends and also a new visitor, seeing our museum for the first time.

Helen, Victoria and Tim - professional museum staff who support us at Market Lavington Museum

These were the staff from the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, at Chippenham who do so much good work for our museum. Behind them are two new cabinets which county funding has provided for us.

Helen, on the left, is the county Senior Conservator. She has the knowledge and skills to ensure our artefacts stay in good condition and she also treats any items that do have a problem. For example, the old school cane we were given recently has spent time in Helen’s deep freeze at Chippenham to kill off any live woodworm. Helen advises us and gets delicate items packaged appropriately. She’s a wonderfully useful person to us.

Tim, on the right is the county Museums Officer but for us he’s the Curatorial Advisor. Market Lavington Museum is entirely volunteer run but with Tim’s enormous help in so many areas we maintain professional standards. Whether its financial advice, help with documentation or keeping us informed and up to date, Tim’s the man.

And between these two ‘old’ friends is Victoria. She is the new County Conservations and Museums Manager, or, more simply, the boss. It was lovely to meet Victoria and talk positively about the future on this first of what we hope will be many visits.

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