The Market Place

Celebrating national events has always been a part of village life. We have recently seen, on these pages, the planting of a tree for the present Queen’s coronation in 1953.  Here we see people celebrating the Silver Jubilee of our Queen’s grandfather, George V, in 1935.

Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of King George V in 1935 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

Let’s zoom in on the people first.

Market Lavington people in 1935

Sadly, the only caption we have for this photo is ‘a group of inhabitants’. Can anybody out there name any of the people, some of whom will still be under 80 years old.

For many present residents of Market Lavington, the location will be a mystery – or would be if the title of this piece didn’t say, ‘Market Place’.

Market Lavington’s marketplace was completely rebuilt in about 1960 and nothing of the old buildings shown here now remain. This is the northwest corner of the market place where the bungalows behind the Co-op now stand. Behind the people we look at a separate, smaller square, which was called St James’ Square.  At the right hand side of the picture we can see the entrance to the bus yard. This is where the bungalows at the top end of the market place now stand.

If you have photos of events or places in the parish which, remember, includes Easterton, the museum would be happy to make a copy for itself.


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    […] square of houses known as St James’ Square. The square has featured before on these pages – celebrating the 1935 Silver Jubilee and also remembered as the home of an evacuee in World War […]

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