Vacuation – a Second World War Card Game

The Second World War ended some 65 years ago. Older residents of the village remember wartime and it is, perhaps, not surprising that we have many mementos of life during those dark years. One of them is a card game called Vacuation.

Vacuation card game box. Find it in the 'war cabinet' at Market Lavington Museum

The box for the cards appears to show three members of a family. They seem to have a mixed set of emotions. 

The back of the cards - a sombre looking evacuation area!

The cards themselves have a fairly sober back with a representation of a smoky city as the evacuation area and a more pastoral reception area. The card fronts however are enormous fun.

Just a few of the 'Vacuation' cards at Market Lavington Museum

Sadly we have no rules for the game. Can anyone help us with this missing component?


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5 Responses to “Vacuation – a Second World War Card Game”

  1. Susan Hopson Says:

    I have a large box of old card games which belonged to my Father originally. He was in the navy during the ssecond world war.
    I have the Vacuation card game which includes the Instructions and Rules.

  2. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    Thanks, Susan, for getting the rules to us.


  3. John Donovan Says:

    Have a modern print of this card game which I am selling on e-bay. Pictures appear identical to those you show, but cannot compare the whole deck. Do you want one?

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