George Burgess and also the Cricket Pavilion

Regular correspondent, John Burgess sent this about the 1914 Roll of Honour.

I found this very interesting as I think it includes my Grandfather George Burgess (lance-Corporal).

What I know of his military history is very little but I do know that he served in the Army during 1914/18 and I understand that between the wars he was abroad and was then a Sergeant training the Ghurkhas and at the end of that he was presented a pair of kukris (curved knives) which my brother has.  I have a small silver milk jug and a silver sugar bowl, which were his.

We’d love to be able to tell John more about the military service of his grandfather, George, who was born around 1889, the son of another George, a shepherd on Salisbury Plain and his wife Mary. Young George married Ethel Earley in 1911.

But sadly, we have no further information on George or his military service.


A change of topic – Market Lavington’s cricket pavilion

Some fairly recent housing in Market Lavington carries the address, ‘Pavilion Gardens’. It is an attractive little development at the entrance to Lavington School.

Pavilion Gardens at the entrance to Lavington School

The old cricket pavilion - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

This is what Pavilion Gardens replaced and as the card suggests, the cricket ground and the pavilion were once a part of the Manor Estate.

Perhaps older residents could confirm the rumour we have heard that Wiltshire used to play at the ground sometimes.

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