A memorial Service for Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria died in 1901 after more than 60 years as the monarch. It would seem that there was central direction in how the commemoration service, in churches and chapels throughout England and Wales should be held and an order of service was published for all religious venues throughout those areas. Market Lavington Museum holds the copy that came for St Mary’s Church Our image, here, just shows the front cover.

Order of Service for the commemoration of Queen Victoria in 1901.

Of interest is the special mention of Berwick-upon-Tweed. This reflects that town’s varied political past, changing hands frequently between the Scots and the English. These days it is officially part of England but in the nineteenth century Berwick had a high degree of autonomy and acts of parliament had to mention the town specifically.  The act which took Britain into the Crimean War, specifically mentions Berwick, but it didn’t get mentioned on a peace treaty which means that, technically, Berwick is still at war.

These strange quirks of political history probably mattered hardly a jot to the people of Market Lavington as they mourned the loss of their Queen.

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