Dedicating the St Mary’s War Memorial

11th November is Remembrance Day – marking the signing of the First World War armistice at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. Of course, war memorials took time to build. The war memorial for Market Lavington was dedicated on Sunday August 15th 1920.

At Market Lavington Museum, we hold the order of service for this event.

Order of service for the dedication of the Market Lavington War memorial

The service began in the church and was led by the Archdeacon of Wiltshire. The Archdeacon, clergy and congregation processed to the churchyard whilst singing, ‘O Valliant Hearts who to your glory came’.

After a short prayer, the War Memorial dedication took place and then the congregation and clergy processed back into the church whilst singing, ‘Through the night of doubt and sorrow’.

During this week there will be services all over the country to remember those killed in war. In Market Lavington we will remember these people who fell in the First World War 

  • Alfred Ashley
  • William G Baker
  • Jasper S Chapman
  • Frederick Giddings
  • Thomas Giddings

  • Frederick Giddings
  • Walter B J Hayne
  • Percy J Viner Johnson
  • George Love
  • Jack W Mullings

  • Herbert E Noyes
  • Percy L Oram
  • Alfred Potter
  • Herbert S Potter
  • Willie Smith

  • Henry J Smith
  • William T Weeks
  • Frederick W Wright
  • Walter H Collins

 And these who were killed during World War Two.

  • Leslie Baker
  • Edward Beale
  • Jack Boulton
  • Donald Butler
  • Joseph Draper
  • Edward Hutton
  • Harold Kiddle
  • Arthur Potter
  • Cyril Potter
  • Arthur Sims
  • James Elmer McKinnon USA

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One Response to “Dedicating the St Mary’s War Memorial”

  1. Beth Hutton Says:

    Unfortunately my Grandfather’s name has been incorrect on the war memorial all these years! He was Edmund Hutton (not Edward). His parents were Horace and Emily Hutton who lived in the old pavilion house. Horace trained horses on the estate. Edmund was a journalist but was called up to join the Royal Navy in the second world war. He died in grim circumstances as a prisoner of war aboard the Japanese ship ‘Lisbon Maru’ which was torpedoed by the Americans.

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