Lamb Corner again

Market Lavington was very fortunate to have the services of a professional photographer from the 1880s. Many scenes, ordinary and special have been preserved for posterity as a result of the efforts of the Burgess family, Peter Francis and Richard Hale. And lets not forget all those amateurs who have also recorded scenes and kept them for future generations to see.

Lamb Corner in 1911 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

This photograph looks like a Burgess image and shows the scene at Lamb Corner with properties decorated for the 1911 Coronation of King George V.

Mr Burgess was standing in Church Street. The Volunteer Arms is immediately on the left and the building next to it, with the group of ladies outside may have been The Lamb after which the corner is named.

The view takes in High Street, looking up towards the Market Place and also shows the buildings on the corner of White Street (now occupied by the hairdresser)

Market Lavington Museum is short of storage space but we can always cope with more photographs. Photos can help to paint a picture of life, people and building in the village from the late nineteenth century. If you have photos of the parish, including Easterton, the curator would be happy to copy them. The originals do not need to leave your hands!

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