Christmas Tree Candle Holders

Christmas trees were popularised in this country by Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert. The idea of a decorated tree came from Albert’s homeland, which was Germany.

The first decorations were probably fruits but in pre-electric days candles were probably an early extra.

These days the idea of having burning candles on a flammable tree sounds really dangerous, but candles on trees were normal enough, even after World War II when most of the country, including Market Lavington, had electricity.

Today we feature two Christmas tree candle holders. These are like small bulldog clips, which can attach to a branch with a little candle clip to hold the burning wax upright and away from other branches.

The first dates from the 1930s.

1930s candle holder from Clyffe Hall and now at Market Lavington Museum

The string is actually holding our museum identification label and is not part of the device.

The second holder dates from the 1940s by which time, perhaps, catching dripping wax had been thought of. This makes the device that bit more decorative, even without a candle.


1940s candle holder used on Christmas trees

Both candle holders were used on Christmas trees at Clyffe Hall in the days when it was run as a hotel. They were given to the museum as recently as 2003.

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