A Royal Visit – 30th April 1985

Some newspaper cuttings form another Christmas present received by Market Lavington Museum. They recall a visit made to the Easterton Jam Factory by The Princess Royal, Princess Anne or, as she was then, Mrs Mark Phillips.

The news cuttings, perhaps tell us more about the papers than the actual visit.

This was how the Daily Telegraph reported the visit in their 1st May 1985 edition.

Daily Telegraph reports Anne's visit to the Easterton Jam Factory in 1985

Interesting! It is the Guardian with the reputation for misprints but it seems the Telegraph failed here as well.

The Sun, for the same day, took the opportunity to get a photo of Anne in a silly hat.

Princess Anne is at Easterton and the cutting is now at Market Lavington Museum

The Sun couldn’t get its geography right for of course, the jam factory was never in Devizes.

The Western Daily Express is a regional paper and has more detail, and some awful misprints. The article has been broken into pieces to fit the blog format.

Western Daily Press photos of Princess Anne's visit to Easterton Jam Factory

A local youngster chosen to present a bouquet to the visiting princess.

The article in the Western Daily Press

We’d like to make it clear that the local children gave the princess a warM welcome.

These are lovely items to have in the museum but the local papers probably gave bigger coverage to this story. Has anyone got copies of them? They’d make a great late Christmas present for the museum.

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    […] have already seen press coverage of Princess Anne’s visit to Easterton on 30th April 1985. She came to open an extension to the jam factory – Samuel Moore […]

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