Parsonage Lane 100 years ago.

This photo was taken from near the crossroads in the middle of the village (Lamb Corner) and looks up Parsonage Lane past the side of the present Post Office, which is on the right hand side, The group of ‘girls’ on Parsonage Lane are believed to be dressmakers.

Parsonage Lane about a hundred years ago - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

But let’s first consider the name of Parsonage Lane. It might cause surprise since there has been no parsonage along this lane for 150 or so years. But once upon a time the parsonage stood in front of the existing house known as the Racquets Court. Stories abound about the reasons this building was demolished. At the museum we’d be interested to hear from anyone who thinks they know the reason for the demise of this old parsonage, which looks to have been a fine old building in this etching.

Parsonage House - demolished in the 1850s

But back to our photo and a chance person in it. Can anybody name the chimney sweep who is making his way along Parsonage Lane?

The Chimney Sweep on Parsonage Lane

And now those girls. Could one of them be Rose Polden who has featured recently in these pages?

Is this Rose Polden?

We believe this is Rose Polden and below we see her in a known photograph.

Rose Polden in the photo studio

Rose Polden, as we know from kind research and the 1911 census was a dressmaker and employer.

The other girls, we don’t have names for. Let’s hope a reader can help us. In particular, and just because she looks quite elderly, how about this ‘girl’?

One of the dressmakers on Parsonage Lane

If you have any information about the people or places shown here then please contact the curator.

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