A School Register

There’s no doubt about it, lists of names are popular. At Market Lavington Museum we have many lists, amongst them several school registers. The one shown here is rather odd for it has been cut in half and we have just the girls’ part of the list. The register dates from 1937 and features girls aged between about 7 and 10 at the time.

Part of a 1937 school register at Market Lavington Museum

We can see that this particular register was starting just after the Easter Holidays and it features many local names, amongst them are Baker, Chapman, Huxtable, Jenks, Oram and Pike.

These girls will now be about 80. We’d be delighted to hear school memories from them, or indeed from other past students of market Lavington or Easterton School.

Do contact the curator at curator@marketlavingtonmuseum.org.uk with your memories.

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One Response to “A School Register”

  1. Ma Burdett Says:

    I have just gone through your entire site for the Museum. It is a great site and very informative. My family is from West Lavington, Market Lavington, and Littleton. Keep up the good work.

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