The Clelford family in Easterton

A while ago, this photo was sent to the museum curator.

The Clelfords of Easterton - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

The photo shows Arthur J P, (always known as John) and Dorothy Clelford and their family. It was taken about 1928.

John, a farm worker, was born about 1882 in High Street Easterton and married Dorothy Wicks. The children were David, born 1912, Arthur, 1914, Eveline, 1917, Elsie, 1923 and Roy, 1928. The children were all born in Easterton. The family later moved to Christchurch in Hampshire.

Let’s delve a little more into this family.

John was the son of Henry Clelford and his wife, Emily. Henry, like his son, John, was born in Easterton and earned his keep as a farm labourer. At the time of the 1891 census, the first on which John appears, the couple lived in Easterton (no addresses given) with six children. John was the third of them.

By the time of the 1901 census, John was the oldest of the eight children at home on High Street, Easterton. The youngest was just 8 months old. John was now a farm labourer. Perhaps he worked with his father who was a shepherd.

Mother Emily had been born in Market Lavington as Emily Pinchen. They married in 1876. (If anyone seeks the register entry for this marriage, we think that Henry’s name has become Culford on this record).

Arthur J P Clelford married Dorothy Wicks in 1911. Dorothy had been born in 1890 in Bromham. In 1891 the family lived in Melksham and in 1901 at Bowden Hill near Lacock.

But in 1911 Dorothy lived at Market Lavington Manor – a part of the household of Mr Charles Awdry. Dorothy’s job was a scullery maid.

Dorothy died at Christchurch in 1959. John died, also at Christchurch in 1962.

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16 Responses to “The Clelford family in Easterton”

  1. John Burgess Says:

    When i worked at the Jam Factory in Easterton there was a Clelford known as son Clelford who also lived in Easterton. He lived in a cottage in the sandy lane next to the Factory. Son also worked at the factory

  2. Peter Clelford Says:

    “No Clelford could not be extraordinarily intrigued by the two reports. Many years ago I visited Mkt Lavington, Easterton, Littleton Pannell, and the Cheverells, having been led to these villages by Family Genealogy. I was told by Mrs Gye, the leading light at ML Museum, of a Sonny Clelford who had died some years earlier. Her comment was that there were no Clelfords left in Mkt L. Sadly, for many reasons, I have not been able to follow up this information, and I have not been able to establish what relation he might be of mine. I would welcome any further information, particularly from Mr Burgess. I had, of course, been hampered by the Hundred Years’ Rule.

    I had long suspected that the Culfords which appeared in the 1881 Census had been mis-recorded by the enumerator, and that they were, in fact, Clelfords.

    George William Clelford who was born in Littleton Pannell in 1877 was my Grandfather.” ENDIT

  3. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    Hi Peter

    I have sent a reply to your email account which is, at present, being refused delivery.



  4. Jon Clelford Says:

    I’m the surviving son of David Clelford, who died in 1955 and is buried in Corston churchyard, near Malmesbury. He served in the RAF.
    His brother Arthur, who I assume was my Uncle Frank, as I’ve never heard mention of Arthur, lived in Wishford nr Salisbury. His only daughter Margaret, died on May 11 2011.

  5. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    Hi John

    Good to hear from you. Arthur was certainly Arthur F Clelford so that does suggest he was your Uncle Frank. So sorry to hear of the recent death of Margaret.

  6. Barbara Ralph Says:

    I am the youngest daughter of Evelyn Clelford & I have the framed family portrait, above, that hung in my grand parents house in Christchurch. It was given to me by Janet the wife of the late Roy,my mums youngest brother. I have an older sister, Janice.

    Barbara Ralph (nee Chapman)

  7. RouX Renard (TJ Clelford) Says:

    There is still one Clelford left just down the road, in Little Cheverell, but his grandfather was the illegitimate son of William Clelford, so the resulting family had their grandmother’s surname.

  8. Peter Clelford Says:

    Good to see these responses about the Clelfords.. A significant “Clelford event” was the Wedding of James Clelford (my Nephew) to Debbie Cox at Frome last month.

    If any Clelford has any family news, I should be interested to read it on this site.

  9. Jim Says:

    Hi there my neighbour is just with me (Jim Bulmer)who now lives in Wakefield and who is related to the Clelfords (his mum was a Clelford) who married Tom Bulmer, Please can you contact him on 01924 373318 he would be delighted to fill you in, vice versa. Thanks

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