Wagon and Horses at Knapp Farm

Today we feature a photo where, perhaps, we need more help than we can give.

Wagon and horses at Knapp Farm - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

The photo shows a farm scene at Knapp Farm, which is on White Street, just above Broadwell. The impression one gets is that a wagonner has just got his horses ready and harnessed them up to the wagon, ready to start a day’s work. Perhaps they are off to a hay field for there appears to be a hay rake on the cart.

The picture is believed to date from the 1920s. It was given to a later occupant of the Knapp Farm building by Mahala Parry who lived at the farm with her uncle, Farmer Watts, in about 1912/1913.

We do not know who the man leading the horses actually is. This photo has hidden his facial features but maybe somebody out there can help us. Do contact the curator if you can.

We believe the horses are shires but please do get in touch if we are wrong.

The wagon itself may be what was called a ‘boat wagon’. It lacks the sweeping curves of a typical Wiltshire Wagon but once again, maybe a wagon expert could help us


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