Saint James’ Square

The Market Place area of Market Lavington is one of the most changed in the village. This map view gives an idea of what it was like at the end of the nineteenth century.

Late 19th century map showing the Market Place at Market Lavington

The Market takes centre stage in this map. On the right of the market was the Post Office in a row of Tudor buildings, now, mostly demolished. At the back (just above the word ‘MARKET’ was the doctor’s house which was demolished quite early in the 20th century. On the left, by the letter P was a small square of houses known as St James’ Square. The square has featured before on these pages – celebrating the 1935 Silver Jubilee and also remembered as the home of an evacuee in World War II.

The old Market Place was completely altered in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and then again around 1990, when Rochelle Court was built. The modern aerial view of the Market Place is significantly different from the old map view.

Modern aerial view of the Market Place

St James’ Square has entirely vanished. It went in about 1958.

Pictures show the old square during demolition.

St James' Square being demolished in 1958 - photos at Market Lavington Museum

We’d love to hear from people who have memories of St James’ Square. Do contact our curator.

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