Kitchen Scales

Homes, up and down the country have scales in the kitchen. Recpies require ingredients to be weighed so a pair of scales is an essential for any cook. These days scales may well be all electronic, with digital readouts and, possibly, audio indications when the correct weight is reached. Many homes, though, still use good, old fashioned balances like the ones we have in Market Lavington Museum. The scales can be found on our kitchen table  along with many other items of kitchen ware.

Kitchen scales, formerly used by the Welch family and now at Market Lavington Museum

These kitchen scales date from about 1900 and were used, in Market Lavington, by the Welch family. Peggy Gye, our museum founder, was a Welch by birth so our Peggy probably used these scales when she was learning to cook in the 1920s.

A weight for the scales - made by Crane of Wolverhampton

The weights were also part of the same set and belonged to the Welch family as well. This one is the 4 oz (ounce) weight and was made by the Crane company of Wolverhampton. There’s a wonderful web site about this company which can be found here.


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