Clyffe Hall Staff

Clyffe Hall is not enormous but it is generously sized and it has aspects of the country home with the lake, the stables and the ample accommodation. In times past it required staff to run the place. We have already met some Clyffe Hall gardeners on this site. There was James Lye, famous for his fuchsias and later there was Joseph Ross.

Today we see more staff – some with names and others unknown, who worked at Clyffe Hall in about 1930 when Lord and Lady Warrington had the Hall.

Lord and Lady Warington's staff at Clyffe Hall in about 1930 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

Sadly, this photo, which shows the staff at one corner of Clyffe Hall, is not of tip-top quality. But we’ll zoom in on the people.

Close up on the staff

Amongst these people we have:

  • Mrs Breach, the cook
  • Mr Titt, the gardener
  • Miss Small, the housekeeper
  • Jack Hoare, under gardener
  • Jim Hurkett, under gardener
  • Mr Challis, Chauffeur (third from left – thanks to Ann for that)

Do you recognise any of the others? Maybe you are able to identify just who is who. Or perhaps you have information you can share with us.

If so, then please contact the curator on

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