Hospital week children in 1927

This charming photo of youngsters dressed for the carnival in 1927 was taken by the Burgess photographers.

Children in fancy dress for Market Lavington Hospital Week in 1927

We know the names of many of the children. From left to right they are:

  • Bessie Gye who later became Bessie Francis, the wife of Peter who took over the photography business
  • Tom Gye, the soldier, is still living in the village.
  • The tall girl is Lily Drury
  • Bob Drury is dressed as a golly – now politically incorrect but blacking up was not seen as any kind of a problem then.
  • Eric Hopkins looks to be a bus conductor.
  • The next two boys are not named. I wonder if anybody can help there.
  • This brings us to Peggy Welch as a flower girl. Peggy married Tom Gye and was, of course, our museum founder.
  • The next girl is actually Peggy’s brother, Tony Welch.
  • The right hand girl is Phyllis Hatswell who appears to be dressed as a candle.

Bessie and Tom Gye and Lily Drury from a photo at Market Lavington Museum

Here we have zoomed in on Bessie and Tom Gye and Lily Drury.

Behind them we get a seasonal clue for stooks of corn stand in the field. It was harvest time.


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2 Responses to “Hospital week children in 1927”

  1. Mary Knight Says:

    Lily Drury was my mum. She later married Tom Jefferies, builder, from Urchfont and they spent most of their married life in Easterton.
    Sadly, mum died in 1967 at the age of 52.
    Bob Drury was my uncle. His son and widow live in Wroughton.

  2. More from a carnival | Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] time ago we showed a picture of youngsters dressed for a carnival in 1927 (click here). We believe this photo dates from the same occasion It would seem to include some of the same […]

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