The 1935 Silver Jubilee Committee

Yesterday our Queen, Elizabeth II became the second longest reigning monarch of our country. She only has her great great grandmother, Queen Victoria to beat now having overtaken George III and we all look forward to Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee next year.

Back in 1935, King George V celebrated his silver jubilee after 25 years on the throne. Market Lavington saw this as an excuse for a big party. Britain was in the grips of the depression so the Royal occasion was seized upon. A committee was set up to organise village events. Today we bring you a photo of that committee.

The 1935 Silver Jubilee Committee - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

This is a photo which has been well captioned so we can name the people.


  • a Bert Oram
  • b Mabel Cooper
  • c Bill Little
  • d Mrs Phillips
  • e Mr Cullimore
  • f Milly Hiscock
  • g Jack Hoare
  • h Mrs Clark
  • I Sid Mullings
  • j Mrs Colman
  • k Emmy Mullings
  • l Ed Potter
  • m Mrs Rainbird
  • n Fred Bishop
  • o Mrs Ed Potter
  • p Harry Rainbird
  • q mrs Razey
  • r Mr Francis
  • s Mrs Fred Bishop

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