The Smith Family

Earlier this year, as a display was being developed, we featured Charles Smith in mannequin form but with a singularly bald head. One of our stewards – a fantastic group of people – has now found a hat to make him look  less like an egg-head.

A felt hat has been added to Mr Smith. He looks so much better with it.

Even better is that a search through the photo archive has revealed a real photo of Charles, his wife, Mary Jane (her mannequin was featured too) and their children. So here we show the real Mr and Mrs Smith.

Charles and Mary Jane Smith and family. Charles, like many other members of this Market Lavington family was a dew pond maker

The Smith family shown here consist of:

Children in front:
Standing – Walter Goulding Smith 1897 – 1975
Seated – Minnie Ethel Smith 1894 – 1906

Seated left to right:
Thomas  Smith 1878 – 1947
Charles John Smith 1852 – 1917
Mary Jane Smith 1855 – 1938
Charles junior 1882 – ?

Standing behind, left to right:
Jack Smith 1884 – 1972
Mary Ann Jane Smith 1886 – 1971
Willie Smith 1888 – 1918


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2 Responses to “The Smith Family”

  1. Tom Haines – Town Crier « Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] Mary Jane was the wife of pond maker, Charles Smith and they have featured on this blog in the past (click here). […]

  2. The Pondmaker’s sign | Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] Smith was Charles, born in Market Lavington in the 1850s. We have met him before on this blog. Click here. He was rarely at home for the ten yearly census. The family business was well known throughout the […]

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