An aerial view of Market Lavington

Yesterday, the Market Lavington Museum blog received its twenty thousandth view. The first ten thousand took more than 11 months. This next milestone has been reached in about 6 months. Can we thank our readers for their support, interest, comments and emails.

Former village photographer, Peter Francis, was always keen to try new vantage points for his shots. What better than to get up in the air to take a photo of the village.

This image dates from the 1970s and Peter has managed to get a good view along High Street and Church Street.

An aerial view of Market Lavington taken in the early 1970s

A second version of the picture has some numbers included to help us get our bearings.

Number 1 shows the Market Place. Back in the 1970s this was an open parking area.

Number 2 is a part of Woodland yard. That was then in use by the Wiltshire Agricultural Engineering Company whose main buildings faced the Market Place at number 5.

St Mary’s Church is number 3 a slow to change part of the village.

Number 4 shows just a field. It is roughly where Saxon Close has been built.

Number 6 shows the old petrol station and car repair garage. This had been built in the 1960s and was known first as E J Haines and then as Shires Garage. The Shires name continues for Shires Close has been built on that site.

Number 7 shows the Nap Farm complex. The house, half hidden in trees still exists. The farm buildings are now White Horse Barns – a residential development.

Number 8 is Broadwell, the water source which really created the village. When the photo was taken, the old smithy was still standing, immediately beyond the number 8.

Number 9 is on The Workmans Hall which, amongst other things now houses our library and the scout hall. The building dates from the 1860s and it is believed that earlier, William Cambridge built his steam engines and famous agricultural rollers on that site.

Number 10 is the old parsonage which is now a part of the nursing home in the village.

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