A Market Lavington Wedding

Today we feature a wedding which started off at the museum building.

The bride was Doris (Dorrie) Burbidge whose home had been the museum building and, although she had moved away, her parents still lived there so that was where she was married from. Here we see Dorrie and her father, Alf, setting off from their cottage to the church – which was, of course, the next door building.

Dorrie Burbidge and her father, Alf, set off from the museum building for the church to celebrate Dorrie's wedding in 1934

Alf looks very dapper in his suit and bowler hat and Dorrie, of course, looks lovely in her wedding dress. The wedding took place in the spring of 1934. The Burbidge family kept, but didn’t date, a newspaper cutting. In those pre-colour photography days, the reporter could be more expansive describing the colours of the scene.

The New Inn, where the reception was held  still exists but it was renamed The Drummer Boy in about 1970.

This was a truly village wedding with those involved having very short journeys from the museum building to the Church, and then across Church Street to the reception.


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