Four more tractors

Yesterday we saw four tractors sold by Wordley’s, the agricultural engineers in Market Lavington way back in 1951.

Today we bring the story forward almost thirty years and find that the Wiltshire Agricultural Engineering Company posing another photo of four tractors to use as a publicity poster. ‘Wilts Ag’ as all the locals called them were the successors to the Wordley business and the tractors, Massey Fergusson 590s were the successors to the Massey Harris models of 1951.

Massey Fergusson 590 tractors as sold by Wiltshire Agricultural Engineering in 1980

The differences are striking. The photo, by Peter Francis, is, of course,  in colour. The tractors have gained size and have comfortable cabs for the operator. However, tractors like these are now a part of the ‘old tractor’ scene and they are collected by enthusiasts. Only the tractor on the left was a 4 wheel drive machine and by 2011 standards these look rather like mere toys.


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