The Museum Stall at the fete

On Saturday 11th June, Market Lavington Museum set up one of the community stalls at the fete at Clyffe Hall. Past experience suggested that flat displays, proof against the wind, were better than display boards.

In fine morning weather the set up was organised just below the Clyffe Hall terrace and a worker on another stall takes a break to look at old Market Lavington.

The Museum stall is erected at Market Lavington Fete on June 11th 2011

In the afternoon, the crowds came in and enjoyed the display with  many having a go at our museum quiz.

Visitors enjoy the museum display

A young visitor tries to work out what had happened to the Market Place since the photo was taken

For our curator, who manned the stall, it was a lovely experience as visitors told him more about the photos on display.

We look forward to seeing some of the visitors at the museum so that they can enjoy the chance to look at all of our 1000 plus photos rather than just the 50 we had on display.


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