A 1940s baby ‘in and out’ chair

This  chair has the look and style of a high chair but in fact, it stands on the floor and at the back there are wheels to help move it around. But undoubtedly, it could be used as a child’s feeding chair. It is equipped with a chest strap to help hold a baby in place.

A 1940s feeding and potty chair at Market Lavington Museum

The chair takes apart and can be stored flat – ideal for those gaps in life when such a chair was not needed. But it also had a further use in that the flat seat could be removed and replaced by a potty.

Our doll has been dressed in an appropriate 1940s way.  This was the era of ‘make do and mend’ and austerity and rather careworn clothes were the norm.

The chair was used by a baby on White Street, Market Lavington


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