Kandy Cottage and Manor Cottage

The Market Lavington end of Easterton has changed quite a lot since this picture was taken.

We are not wholly sure of the date of the photo, which shows Kandy Cottage, facing the camera and the Manor Cottage on the right.

Candy Cottage and Manor Cottage, Easterton - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

Kandy Cottage is seen below.

This building was demolished to allow the road to Market Lavington to be straightened. Ideas and opinions change and it may now seem regrettable that such a lovely house was knocked down but no doubt, at the time, it seemed like a totally sensible idea.

A heap of road repair stones stands in front of the cottage and the Bakehouse which was the left hand third of the building.

The Manor Cottage, seen below still stands.

The thatched roof on the cottage was replaced by tiles – probably in the 1950s.

The presence of an electricity pole dates the photo to after 1927. Any further help with dating would be gratefully received at the museum.


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